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A series of stories for the masses -

** warning!! All of these were created for kink_bingo and, as such, contain mature, if not explicit imagery. (mostly meaning naked dolls or dolls in compromising positions *g*) **

Now, on with the show:

Balcony Fun - House/Wilson

Not-so Good Kitty - House/Cameron

Suck on This - House/Chase

Have You Seen My Cane? - House/Cameron

If I Strip for You - House/Cameron

Step Into My Office - House/Cameron
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While you're all waiting for the grand adventures of Rockin' House meets the cast of Stargate...

take a wander over to house_santa and sign up for this year's event! We're in year two and hope it'll be bigger and better than last year! =)
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Okay - got a question or request for ideas for you all here -

In August I'm going to Gatecon and I have every intention of toting Rockin'!House along with me. Why, you might ask? Well, so he can have his photo taken with the stars, of course!

So, the question is, should he go dressed like House in his jeans and t-shirt, or should he look 'fannish' and wear fatigues and military gear? Or should I see if I can find a doll-sized SG-1 T-shirt for him?
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Can I issue a doll House challenge? :)

I'd say to 'reenactments of S4', but that might require a LOT more dolls, so, let's go with:

Enact a 'deleted' scene from any of the 4 seasons of House.

Yes, make-up your own deleted scene.